The Snell family is committed to providing unmatched craftsmanship in South Texas and the Hill country.  Our 100% satisfaction customer referrals reflects our dedication to service and product.     We are the owners and master craftsmen of our company with experience since 1985.  We never sub our work and Hands On Deck means exactly that.  David and I are not only the salesmen but the hands on guys that actually  build what our customers want.  

Our reputation along with our experienced crew, and solid commitment to quality is the foundation for Hands On Deck.  If you are looking for  unmatched quality that is second to none please do not hesitate to contact us.  We hope the photos on this website show you that we are indeed the best in the business.   Thank you for visiting our site today.

                               Jordan Snell & David Snell 

   Hands On Deck
           826 Deep Water
           Spring Branch, TX
           78707                                              Jordan Snell:       210-381-2666
                                                                     David Snell:          210-844-9513

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